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Hi my name is Lauren and this is my vote for best new student blog.

I am nominating Sofia`s blog for the best new student blog. Sofia is one of the boggers in our class. She talks about a lot of different things. Her posts are always about different topics. Like she talks about holidays, seasons, food and more. She has three really cool comics you should check out as well.  She has lots of lot`s of posts about fears, cute animals, information, her opinions and more. Most of her posts have some really cool pictures.  Go check out her blog on http://sofiaonline.edublogs.org/

I am also nominating Christina for the best blog. Christina loves to talk about fashion and has lot’s of post about fashion on her blog. Even though she has lot’s of things about fashion she also talks about lot’s of other things. She talks about art, music and more. She has a really great post on cyber bullying.┬á She has lot’s of posts about art, fashion, Season, her life and lot’s more. A lot of her posts have some picture that goes really well with post. Go check out her blog on http://christinaonline.edublogs.org/

2 thoughts on “­čîčEdublogs Nominations­čîč

  1. Sofia Online

    Hey Lauren,
    Its me, Sofia. Thanks so much for nominating me. It makes me feel happy that you find my blog really cool. It is true that Christina’s blog is awesome. I think that it is sure that someone will pick you for the best student blog. It is so awesome all the different topics you have on your blog. My favorite post is Coffee Day. It is fun to read all the different types of coffee. What post should I post next??? Give me some good ideas! Anyway, come check out my blog, and see who I nominated! http://sofiaonline.edublogs.org/
    Visit Anytime!

    Sofia ­čśë


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