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Blue Stars Academy Ch 4

Jessica, Julia and Nicole were standing there. They had their hands on their hips looking at like were a lemon so sour you had to drink 20 glasses of water to get the taste out of your mouth. Jessica long blond brown hair was loose on her back. She was wearing a black t-shirt with black leggings and black high heeled boots. Julia had her blond her in a bun. She was wearing a pink shirt with black leggings and black high heeled boots. Nicole had her light brown hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a white sweater that said love on it with black legging and black high heeled boots.

Jessica has a huge crush on Josh since he is the most popular boy in sec 1. Josh has a crush on me and we went out twice last year.  Jessica thinks that if she humiliates me Josh will break up with and somehow fall in love with her. As you can see it did not work yet. ” Hey Lauren are you still doing what you call riding?” I did my best smile and responded calmly.  ” Yeah, and as I recall Mr. Stevens gave me the highest grade in our class so I think its working. What about you’re riding? ” Jessica just gave me a glare and walked away.

” That was awesome Lauren” Becca said. Bella look at me liked I just told a jewel thief to put down the jewels and leave and he actually listen to me. ”Yeah Lauren you just showed Jessica some of her own medicine” agreed Clare. We walked back to Whitewall altogether then Bella and Becca headed to their dorm Purplewell.

Inside our room I took out my Blackberry while Claire went to change. There was a message from Sab. Night sis. Night Sab. I changed into black shorts and a white spaghetti strap shirt. I crawled into bed and fell instantly asleep. The next morning I took a shower and got ready. I put on a dark blue t-shirt with white breeches and black riding boots. I took a raspberry muffin with blueberry cream coffee. After breakfast I headed to the stable.

In the stable I headed for the tack room first. I kept the tack box in her stall since it crazy here during the week. I took a light blue pad and her tack and headed to her stall. On the way there I met Rachel my other BFF and twin sister of Kristy. Rachel was tall with blond hair that ended in soft curls. She was wearing a green shirt, black breeches and black boots.

” Hey Rach how is Apple?” ” She fine and still in love with apples” I was going to ask something else when I heard a” Hey Lauren”. That voice made my heart stop beating.

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Snow Kissed Berry!

20141117_205854I LOVE Bath And Body Works! They have stuff that smell SUPER good. There shop is super cozy and cute. They have shelves filled 20141117_210810from top to bottom with soaps, lotion and more. I bough 6 shower gels but only had to pay for 3. I bought A Thousand Wishes, Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel, White Citrus, Pure Paradise and Sea Island Cotton. They smell super good. The  Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel are Christmas shower gels. My favorite is A Thousand Wishes but my moms favorite is White Citrus. I also got three gels. Mad About You, Pink Chiffon and Snow Kissed Berry. I have lot’s of stuff on my Christmas list of Bath And Body Works. I have lipsticks, body lotion, shower gel, moisturizer, perfume and more. If you want to look at what they have online just go on Bath And Body Works on Google.

*Did you ever hear or went to Bath And Body Works?

*What your favorite out of their collection?

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Count Out Three!

Today I went on Cassie blog. I found this really interesting post called Jigsaw Puzzle. It attract me because it had a really cool picture of a heart. The heart is multi-colored which makes it even cooler. the background is black which makes the color come out a lot more. If you want to check out this blog post just click on

I also visited Kailee blog. The post I read is called Weird Whether. I was addicted to this post my the tittle. Weird Whether. I wanted to learn what was wrong with the whether? Why was the post called weird Whether? What was so weird about the whether? The other thing that attracted me is the picture. Its a large field with a big blue sky. I was wondering what does the whether have to do with a field? If you want to learn any of these answers go to

The final blog  I visited was Sweet Potato blog. The blog post I visited is called the Post Of My Blog. This post  is about Christmas. The thing that attracted me to this post is the picture. It’s a big Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is set up near a couch and table. The room is dark only lit up by the burning fire. The Christmas tree is completely lit up by golden lights. There are also other decorations like balls and a something on top.  Sweet Potato is talking about the food it eats at Christmas . Sweet Potato likes to pick a tree and flock it in white. If you want out check out Sweet Potato’s  blog post just go on

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🌟Shout Out To Sofia`s Blog🌟

I am nominating Sofia`s blog for the best blog. Sofia is one of the boggers in our class. She talks about a lot of different things. Her posts are always about different topics. Like she talks about holidays, seasons, food and more. She has three really cool comics you should check out as well.  She has lots of lot`s of posts about fears, cute animals, information, her opinions and more. Most of her posts have some really cool pictures.  Go check out her blog on

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Blue Star Academy Ch 3

I woke up with a jolt. ”What’s wrong” I asked Clare in a Read the rest of this entry »

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Candy Candy Candy!

skiitleskit katHere are my favorite chips, chocolate and CANDY!

My two fav chips are :                                         My three favorite candy are:

1)Doritos chips.                                                    1)Lollypops

2) Lays BBQ chips.                                               2)Skittles

My two fav chocolate are:                                    3)Starburst


2)Coffee Crisp

*What is are favorite chips, chocolate and Candy?

*Did you ever try and of my favorite candies?


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A Coffee Day



Here are my top 32 favorite coffee flavors:

Blueberry Cream Coffee                        Pumpkin Pie Coffee

Candy Apple Coffee                              Rain Forest Crunch Coffee

Jack Frost Coffee                                  Raspberry Cream Coffee

Marshmallow Fluff Coffee                 Sugar and Spice Coffee

Peppermint Patty Coffee                    Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee

Autumn Harvest Spice Coffee           Christmas Cookie Coffee

Cinnamon Viennese  Coffee              Coconut Cream Coffee

Cookiedoodle Coffee                          Cranberry Cream Coffee

French Vanilla Coffee                        Old Fahsion Gingerbread Coffee

Holiday Cheer Coffee                        Hot Fudge Brownie Coffee

Kozy Fire Coffee                                Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Smore Coffee                                      Hazelnut Coffee

Suger Cokkie Coffee                          Candy Corn Coffee

Cherry Vanilla Coffee                         Gingerbread Spice Coffee

Holiday Spice Coffee                          Peppermint Cnady Cane Coffee

Pumpkin Latte Coffee                       Snowflake Sundae Coffee

*Which one is your favorite coffee?

* Which one would you try to like?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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Blue Stars Academy Ch.2

At the door was my roomy and BFF Clare. She had long reddish brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was tied in a ponytail with a black bow. She was wearing a red shirt with black legging and black flats. We collapsed in a hug.” Omg I so missed you during the summer” Clare said smiling. Suddenly 2 men were caring Clare stuff in to our room. They were followed by my parents.

“Becca and Sabrina are already settling in “my mom told me with a sad face.”We’ll see you on parent’s day “my mom finished giving me a huge hug. See you then mom” I whispered in her ear. When mom let go of me dad took her place. I love you Lauren and will be thinking about you everyday he whispered to me as he gave e a huge hug. “Now remember Becca and Sabrina are right next door” mom said in her I am so worried about leaving my daughter at boarding school voice. “She will be fine “my dad told mom in a calm voice. He took her hand and they headed to the door closing it behind them.

I turned my attention back to Clare. The movers were gone and she was starting to unpack her stuff. How about some sugar cookies and French vanilla coffee. ”Sure “replied Clare. I headed to our mini kitchen. It had a mini stove, table for four, mini fridge and a mini counter. On the counter was my new coffee maker.

My grandma loves coffee but hates caffeine. So she drinks coffee without caffeine. She also loves to try all kinds of coffee flavors. When I was 6 I took a sip of my grandma coffee and fell in love with coffee. Ever since that day I love to drink coffee. My grandparents were so proud of my grades and riding last year that as a good bye present they got me a new coffee machine, 8 mugs, a hand painted box where I can put my coffee flavors in and a large golden book called All About Coffee.

I made two cups of French Vanilla coffee and put three cookies on a plate for Clare and three cookies for me. I handed Clare the cookies and mug and headed for the couch in the middle of our room. Clare took a sip of her coffee. ”Another thing I missed about you is the coffee you make. I finished my cookies and coffee and fell asleep on the couch. I was awoken by a scream.

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Dogo News

Y-40_Hotel_Terme_MillepiniI went to Dogo News to find a artical to blog about. This artical is called the World’s Deepest Pool Is Scarily Deep!  one of the deepest pool is located in Italy. It is 131 feet long. That is 13 story buildings stack on top of each other.  The surface is 68feet by 59 feet. After 49 feet the pool narrows to a circular well like hole that is 91 feet deep. This pool is mostly for scuba enthusiasts or free divers. They would use this pool to make sure their skills are perfect before going into the open sea. Despite the pools deepness this pool is always at 32 degrees celcieus to 34 degrees celcieus. This means they can go in a normal bathing suit instead of a wet suit. This pool also has a large transparent tunnel that guest could look threw to see the people swimming. I love to swim and found this artical super amazing. I you want to check out this site or the photos just click on

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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Shop Untill You Drop!

On Saturday we went to  St Bruno Mall. My mom, my little sister and I shopped for 3 hours and a half.  First we went to Zara. I got a white sweater. Then we went to Mexx. There I got another sweater and some shirts. We went to get a ice-cream after that. Children Place was next. I got two shirts. One is purple with silver snowflakes and another is green with the sentence This Girl Love Christmas (And Presents). I also got a jacket and a sweater with a penguin on it. We went to Bath And Body Works. I got 6 shower gels. Guess what I only needed to pay for three. There was a special buy three get three for free. I also bought 3 little gel for $5.00(another special). I also went to Joshua Perets babwjp. I got this really cute jogging suit. It’s completely black and SUPER comfortable. Finally we went to Target. I got one pair of jeans and a Baby Lips (lipstick). We got there it was 1:30 we left at 4:00. By the time I got to the car my legs and feet were killing me. I had a lot of fun shopping and got lots of shopping done.

*Did you ever go to St Bruno Mall?

*Did you ever go to any of the stores in my list?

* Did you ever go on a huge shopping spree? What happened and what did you buy?

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