I am Ready For The Science Fair!!!

ph scaleI am now completely finished my science fair project. I have finished my experiment and have glued everything on to my board. I start on the top right corner with my background (research). Then it is my objective, question and hypothesis. In the middle top of my board there is my pH scale. Underneath are my materials. Underneath that is a picture of cranberry juice with the pH underneath the picture. Finally at the bottom there is the procedure. On the top left is a table with the results. Underneath is a glass of milk with it`s pH underneath. Underneath that is cup with laundry detergent with the pH underneath finally at the bottom is the conclusion bringing my science fair project to an end. My title is called “Which Are Acid and Which Are Not“

What do you think of how my science fair project turned out?

Where would you have put all my stuff?

pH scale. Wikimedia Commons, CFCF.


Which Are Acid And Which Are Not?

So as might know the annual Science Fair at my school is coming up. For my project I will be testing 10 liquids to find out which ones are the most basic, acid and neutral.

Originally my liquids were: milk, orange juice, water, grape juice, lemonade, lemon water, Coco- Cala, sprite, punch and cranberry juice. Now here is the new list for my liquids: milk, orange juice, tap water, vinegar, lemonade, laundry detergent, Coco-Cala, Ginger-ale, punch and cranberry juice. I did my experiment twice and put my6 answer in a 2×10 table.

I also have a PH scale with the colors and numbers of a normal PH scale would have. I have also added my background research fro my science fair project and I have also added a Objective. Friday I finished writing my conclusion and made all the titles for my project. This week-end I will be taking pictures and printing everything to glue on my board.

Ever Heard Of These Two Top Sellers?

Two of my favorite books/movies star Shailene Woodley as the actress. She plays in “The Fault In

bookcoverOur Stars”  and also In Divergent and the new upcoming movie Insurgent. The Fault In Our Stars is about a girl named Hazel Grace( who is played by Shailene Woodley). Hazel has lung cancer. One day when she is going to Support Group she meets  Augustus Waters ( played by Ansel Elgort. The two teens find themselves in a great adventure that evens takes them to Amsterdam. The book is by John Green and movie is directed by Josh Boone.

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This Is The Never Ending Post… On My Blog!

 I am doing a never ending post. A never ending post is a post that never end’s. I will keep on adding more and more info to this post. I will be using the keywords of every paragraph to continue my never ending post.  

Finally, A Real Goldilocks Bear Family

The topic I chose on Dogo News is called Finally, A Real Goldilocks Bear Family. Here is the link if you want to read this article: http://www.dogonews.com/2011/4/9/finally-a-real-goldilocks-bear-family.

Most bear families only include the mom and the baby cub. The father leaves the mother to take care of his children. But Diva family is different. Diva has her mom and her dad who takes care of her at the  Primorsky Zoo, in Eastern Russia. The father of this four-month year old cub can not get enough of her. The hug and play together just like a mother cub would do with her baby cub. The father Balu can`t get enough of his cub that her even paws the cubs mother Masha away so he can have some time with his precious daughter. Usually the mother teaches the her cubs how to swim and the danger in the world, but not in this family. Balu teaches Diva how to swim and all the danger of the outside world.

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Ever Been To These Places?

Here are 5 photos of places I would like to visit and some info on why:


This is the courtyard of the Museum of Louvre and it’s pyramid. This photo is by Benh LIEU SONG. I want to go to Paris because of the boutiques, the Eiffel Tower. I also hear that Paris is the city for art and for love.



This is the Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster, London. This photo is by Diliff. I want to go to London because I hear it is a beautiful place. I want to visit the Castle, go to the London parades, shop in London boutiques and of course visit the  famous Clock Tower. Who knows maybe I can even have tea with the Queen someday.




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The Girl Who Hated Books


One of my previous posts was about a video called Nightmare at School. It was a comic video. I went back to the same website and found another comic video to watch. This video is called The Girl Who Hated Books. It is by Jo Meuris. She made it in 2006 and the video last 7 min and 21’s.

The video is about I girl name Meena. Her parents love to read. Now I don’t mean reading every free time they have , it’s worst then that. They read every moment of the day. The even read when they are eating. There house is filled with book. Her parents buy books at garage sales, stores and even order more from catalogs. Meena hated to read. Her parents kept on buying her more and more books. Meena never reads any of her books.  She stalks then in a high tower. One day Max her cat climbed to the top of the stalk of books. She tried to climb up but suddenly all the books came crashing down. All the main characters from the books came out of their books and started destroying the house. Meena tried to get them back in by taking any books and trying to push the books against them. It did not work because it was not their book. Meena was forced to read all the books to know which books held which characters. In the end when Meena parents arrived they found her in the room READING A BOOK!!! So Menna finally learned to love books and reading that day.

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Blue Star Academy CH.7

I jumped off my bed and raced to her bed. I shook her shoulders. “Hey why are you shaking my shoulder” she asked me. “I called your name like 4 times and you wouldn’t answer. I thought something bad had happened.” Clare turned to me with an I never meant to scare my BFF and roomie to death stare. “I got so caught up in looking for new shoes I didn’t hear you. I am so sorry!!” “It’s alright. Do you want some coffee?” I asked getting off Clare bed and heading toward the door. “Sure I will take a cup of whatever you are going to have”. She turned back toward her laptop and I headed to the common room. The common room had a fireplace, a big flat screen TV, a table in the center and around the table there are  different  couches.  I headed to the kitchen in back off the living room. I took out a mug with different shoes for Clare and a mug with a picture of Snowflake for me. I made a cup French Vanilla coffee and headed back to our room. I gave her Clare her mug and headed for the bathroom to get ready for supper. I got out just as Clare was finishing up. “Do you think I should ship overnight? I have some extra money.” Continue reading

😜Do You Need All The Hollywood Gossip? 😜

123_NumbersWhen I go on YouTube I go on The Daily Hollywood Rundown. There are two girls. There names are Misty Kingma, Katie Krause, Deidre Behar and  Erin Robinson. They can get you catch up on all the Hollywood gossip. You love Katy Perry catch up on all Katy Perry gossip. Do you want to watch the golden awards? Go to the them to learn the highlights of the golden awards. You love fashion? Learn what all the celebrities are wearing. I love watching it because they are really funny, I learn about what all the celebrities are wearing and what they are doing.

What do you watch when you go on YouTube?

Did you ever hear of The Daily Hollywood Rundown?

I23 Numbers. Wikimedia Commons, Itzuvit


🌟How Well Do You Know Me🌟

Today I will give you 20 interesting facts about me:

1)My favorite color is Blue.

2)I have a dog named Zoey.

3)My favorite book is Divergent.

4)My favorite book series is Canterwood Crest Academy.

5)My three favorite movies are Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars& Aquamarine.

6)My favorite summer sport is soccer

7)My favorite winter sport is skiing.

8)My favorite vacation place is Cuba.

9) I really want to go to London and Hawaii

10) My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies. Continue reading

🍹 Have You Ever Gone To Cuba🍹

Vista_Varadero_calle_38Two years ago I went to Cuba. The water was super warm and the sand was beautiful but I guess me and my family was not so lucky that time. We only got to go in the water once but the day we did go to the beach the sun was shining and the water was warm. We spent the whole day in the water. One night we came back to our room and the bed had a water puddle in the middle. The rain was leaking threw the roof!!! Then one day the floor cracked a little near one of the doors. That is not the worst in the lobby their was a giant whole in the middle. The actual city was actually pretty nice. the actual hotel and beach itself is really nice as well. I really want to go to Cuba again but this time I will remember to pack some luck.

Did you ever go to Cuba?

What was your favorite vacation

Cuba Varadero Beach. Wikimedia Commons, Roberty