⛄Tis` The Season To Be Blogging…

chcocoI love Christmas!

On the 24(Christmas Eve) my whole family goes to my aunt house.  We have diner and desserts. As a tradition we have to wait all the way until midnight before we can open present. After we open the present and take lot`s of pictures we have a midnight table. A midnight table is when you have lot`s of food on a table and your eat. On New Year Eve my whole family come to my house. We have diner, desserts and a midnight table as well. It`s really long too wait. My two older cousins usually go downstairs too the basement and play Just Dance 3 on the Wii. I usually watch TV or look threw my Christmas gifts to find something interesting.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is my Christmas tree. It`s about 6 feet tall. We decorate the tree with golden lights and colorful balls. We have small Christmas ornaments like a house or Santa Clause. My mom has these glass balls that are hand painted. They are kept in velvet cases. One of my favorite ones is in a shape of a heart. My favorite ornament is a angel. She is 1 feet tall and has a long golden dress. We put it on top of our tree. When the tree is light up the dress light up too.

My Christmas list is about 7-9 pages long. It`s that long because it`s on a power point and it`s supposed to be my Christmas , Birthday and allowance list.  I love to snuggle up with a good book and some hot coco. The last part I love about Christmas is no school for 3 weeks!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ever Heared Of This Website?

baby sealThere is this new website my cousin showed me. It is called Pinterest.

Pinterest is a place where you can find cool photos. My cousin get’s all her recipes form Pinterest and some ideas for clothes too. I looks for clothes, outfits(all ready done), super cute animals, food, cakes etc. The pictures are amazing. If you make a account you can pin the pictures you like to a board. It is fun to just go brows as well. So get up and go check out Pinterest!

Baby Seal. Wikimedia Commons Samuel Blanc.



🎄Home For Christmas🎄

Home For ChristmasHome For Christmas is the Canterwood Crest Academy special. It’s when Sasha, Heather, Alison, Callie, Jacob, Eric, Brit and Paige go to Sasha house for the holiday in Union Connecticut. Lauren, Khole, Clare, Lexa and Carina go to Lauren house for the holidays.  Drew, Cole, Zack and Garret stay at Taylor house for the holiday. They help a stable that takes in retired horses. They learn that Christmas is about Spending time helping people and animals. Not only that but that Christmas is also about spending it with people you care about. Lauren also has to learn how to put the rivalry between her  and her sister Charlotte or Christmas will take a turn to the dark side.  Come join the Canterwood Crest student in the great book. Perfect to snuggle up and read with a cup of hot cocoa.   

Home For Christmas book. Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.

Have You Ever Read This Book?