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The Games Begin

This morning at our school we had a winter carnival. We played six different games that a grade six class came up with. The first game was soccer, Lauren Karen Snowballbut on a snow field. The second game was hockey, but with a softball then a puck. Third game was you had to do different things with a rubber chicken. The fourth game was that you had to crawl to a hula-hoop on the other side of you and drop a bean bag inside the hula-hoop. In the fifth game you had to have someone pull you on a sled to the cone on the opposite end of you. Then someone else had to pull you. The final game is it a bucket full of snow on one end and you with a empty bucket on the other. You have to take your cup run to the bucket with snow then take a whole cup of snow. After you do that you run back to the empty bucket and put the snow in. The team with the most snow in their empty bucker wins. My favorite one was the sixth game.( This picture was not taken at our winter carnival, But it goes with our snow day theme.)


Photo Credit: Samuli Lintula, Wikipedia

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Who Let The Pets Out?

bird karen laurenWell nobody let the pets out, but my parrot Franky sometimes gets out of his cage. My parrot has green, yellow, red and white feathers. We keep him in a cage full of toys for him. I sometimes feed him peanuts. If I say hello to him, sometimes he will say hello back to me. I also have a puppy named Zoey. She is one year old now. I got her February 23, 2013. Her birthday is December 26, 2013 the day after Christmas. She sleeps in her cage. She has a lot of stuff toys she plays with. Me and my little sister play with toy balls with her. I love both my pets. They are  always going to be the family pets of our family.


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Suger And Spices

Karen Lauren confectionaryThe book Suger and Spice is written by : Lisa Papademetriou. It is about a girl named Hayley. She has two friends named Artie and Megan that don`t like each other. Hayly then finds out about a wedding. Who are the two people getting married? Then something happens bewteen Chole her little sister and Rubert her sister`s friend.

Hayly and Artie are no longer best friends friends. So she meets a girl named Megan. But Artie and Megan are like oil and water they just don`t mix. This looks like a recipe for disaster.

Hayly`s  parents are divorced, so she moved into her grandmother`s tea shop with her mom and little sister Chole. Her dad has a girlfriend named Annie. One of Hayly`s favorites things to do is to bake cupcakes, name them and tell what there used for. To make you calm, sad, happy, relaxed etc.

It also gives you different kinds of cupcakes to make. Which cupcake flavor is your favorite?


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Double The Sports!

Do you love to do sports? If you do then you found a sport buddy. I have two sports that I really like to do. They are soccer and ski. I started to do soccer when I was four years old and I loved it ever since. Last year my team was in second place in a terminate. During the past years, I have gotten some soccer medals. I am thinking I might have a soccer medal collection. I am still playing soccer this year.Karen Lauren soccer ball

This year every Sunday I go to my ski lessons. It is 2 hours long. I started skiing when I was six years old. I had also loved it ever since. Sometimes I go with my dad. I like going skiing with my dad.


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Hobbies, Hobbies and Hobbies

I have four hobbies I really like to do. They are making bracelets, writing, reading and arts. I always read before going to bed. I mostly read the chapter books I get at the library. I only make bracelets when I have no homework left to do or I have nothing else to do and I have finished all my chores. I don’t write a lot at home. I mostly write at school, but if I do write at home I write in my journal about my day, things I like to do or about different topics. For art I like to do draw and colour nature. For example I will do a forest scene or a riverbank in spring. Do you have hobbies you do when you are free.Karen Lauren forest artKaren Lauren Stream art

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Do You Know The Warriors

One of the series of books is the Warriors series. The book is written by Erin Hunter. An interesting thing about the author is that it is not just one person it is a whole much of people who write the book. The book is about this cat who starts out as a kittypet (a cat Warriors Karen Laurenwho lives with an owner) and decides to join a clan. In the end he has the name Firestar. I like the book because it has adventure in it and sometimes you will learn a lesson in the book.

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Lauren’s Book Fair Tale

Last night I went to the school book fair. I went with my mom and little sister. My mom said we could choose three books each. One of the books I choose is all about differentI love dogs Karen Lauren kinds of dogs. I f you want to get a dog as a pet, than read “I love dogs and puppies”. There are over 50 brands to look and read about they say! The information in the dog book tells you where it came from, what the dogs did and a description of what the dog looks  like and it’s behavior. I also got a book called “Sugar and spices”. It’s about a girl named Haley who has a best friend in detention and she makes a new friend but both friends don’t like each other! The last book I got is called “The Gift”. It is about two friends who don’t talk to each other, and then weird stuff star happening in their home town. I also got a bookmark that say’s “Reading makes me happy”. I knew that bookmark was right for me because reading really does make me happy. Do you have or ever went to a book fair?

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My Learning Style

I am Music smart, Art smart and Word smart. I already knew that I was word smart. I already knew that because of one the question someone asked me. The question was about books. I love books. Any type of books. My favorite kinds are chapter books.

I also love to write. That’s another reason why I knew I was word smart. I like to write poems about things. Mostly about holidays. I already wrote stories too. I also pick a topic and write things about it.

Scrabble KarenA third reason I knew I was word smart is that I like scrabble and crossword puzzles. I have a scrabble game at home. I also came up with an idea to do test words to practice for a test with the board game scrabble. M y mom once got me a crossword book. I really liked doing crossword puzzle.

I am also Music smart. I like to hear music more than playing music. At home I have a radio in my room. I usually hear cds more than the radio. I have only four cds. I really like to dance to the music too. Read the rest of this entry »

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