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See You Soon

Hey everybody I just wanted to say that I am leaving for summer vacation. I will be back at  the end of August. I will be checking my blog and hopefully adding new posts. If I don`t it maybe because I am super busy. This summer I will go to my cottage, read a lot, play soccer and lots more. I hope to see you soon.

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Who’s In Room 101

Zoey101_S1_CANThis weekend I was doing my homework when my mom said she had a gift for me. It was the first season on Zoey 101. Zoey 101 is about a girl named Zoey who goes to this school called PCA. She meets six new friends. Their names are: Chase, Nichol, Login, Michelle, Dana, and Quinn. She also has a little brother named Dustin. I think the reason they named it Zoey 101 is because the main chanters name Zoey and her rom is number 101. Zoey 101 use to give on Family Channel, But then they stopped to give it. When it still gave I used to watch before bed. In memory of Zoey 101, when I got my dog I named her Zoey. Now I hope my mom will by me the complete second season.


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Yummy Yum Yum


If a restaurant were to name a meal “Lauren” it would be a Cesar Salad with chicken. Here is how you would make it:

* Cook the chicken.

* While the chicken is cooking take out a bowl.

* Wash the lettuce and, take it apart and place it in the bowl.

* Wait until the chicken is cooked then cut it in pieces.

* Add the chicken.

* Add the cesar sauce  on the lettuce and the chicken

* Then add small barbeque bacon.

*Mix everything.

* Now is my favorite part eating it.

If a restaurant were to name something after you what would it be and how would you make it?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commmons

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1280px-Choc-Chip-CookieMy mom is also #1 . On the week-ends she helps me with homework and projects that I either don’t understand or I need help with spelling. My mom also wants me to do well in school. Something we both like to do is READ! When I was a little girl my mom used to read me a book everyday before bedtime. Since then I love to read. If my mom didn’t read to me I don’t think I would have been attached to reading.   My mom is also a great cook. She always makes the best meals. She also makes the best COOKIES. I sometimes help but, she makes the best cookies. My mom also encourages me in school. If I don’t understand something I can always go ask her.  I like to help my mom around the house so she finishes everything before supper. If she finishes everything after supper on the week-ends we usually watch a movie. It’s always super fun. Both my parents are the best and I don’t want any other parents ever.

What is your mom like?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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# 1…..

My dad is #1. Here are some things that we both like. Like SOCCER! We both like to play it and our favorite player is Christen Ronaldo Golf_ball_grasswho is a player for Portugal. We also both hate peas. My mom says it tastes good but me and my dad don’t agree. My dad also encourages me in school. My dad and my mom really want me to do well in school so I can do well in life. Me and my dad both love sports. In the winter I do skiing with him. I usually have my lessons then me and my dad go skiing together. In the summer we like to go golfing together. Going with him is really fun. My dad also plays a big part in my life of soccer. He always encourages me to do the best that I can. He also helps me become a better player by giving me tips.  Even if he doesn’t give me tips during a game it is still good to know he is there coaching me and my team. Without my dad I wouldn’t know how to play soccer and improve.

What things do you like about your dad?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Woof! Woof! Woof!

One weekend in February me and my sister were watching TV in the living room. My parents were talking in the office. Suddenly my parents came out then then my mom said “Guess what we are getting a puppy.”Me and my sister screamed with joy.” We will get her next weekend” my dad told us. All week I was exiting. Finally Saturday came. We got our puppy. She was small and black with floppy ears and cute face. We also bought a cage for her to sleep in. A cushion, two teddy bears(a giraffe and a pig) and a blanket. We named her Zoey. She is a Schnauzer. She was born on December 26, 2013. Now she is 1 year old.

Do you have a story of how you got you pet?

Karen Lauren stuffed anmals Photo Credit: Lauren Online.

These are all my dogs toys and teddy bears.

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Who Is Your BFF?

storiesMy BFF is the best. These are some things that make her the best:

*She loves to read books like me.( One of our favorite books is The Land Of Stories)

* She is funny

* She is super kind

*I can talk to her about everything on my mind and she will listen and give me advice.

*She is smart

*She is the best friend I ever had.

She became my BFF in kindergarten. We’ve been best friends ever since. We were in grade 1 and 2 together. Then in grade 3,4 and 5 she went in French, but she still is my best friend.

Do you have a best friend?

What makes your BFF your BFF?


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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Are These Your Favourite Snacks?

araspberriesWhen I want a nutritious snack this is what I choose:

* Cheese cut in small pieces

* Cucumbers

* Tomatoes

* Bread with butter

* Raspberries

* Watermelon

This is what I have when I want to eat some junk food:

* BBQ chips

* Doritos

* Foot- o- longs

* Cookies

My favorite meal is BBQ shrimps with  caeser salad and carrot rice.

What are your favorite nutritious and junk food snacks and meals.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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My Summer Before Grade 4

Orange butterflyDuring the summer before Grade 4 I went to Boston. At Boston I went to see a pirate ship. I don’t remember what the pirate ship was called though. I do know that the ship was very old. My mom, dad, sister and me got to go inside the ship to see how they lived back then. We saw some of the food they ate. How they would sleep at night. The part was the Captain’s  room because we saw real old maps , the pens they used back then and a ink bottle. We also saw the captain’s hat. It was big and had dust on it. Then we went to see a Iroquois village. We saw the boat they road on. The place they ate and sleep in We saw how they dressed and the jelwery they made. They we went to the village of 1900 I think it was that time. We saw the clothes they would wear the house they would live in. We saw the beds they would sleep in. How they would sew the clothes and how they would do there chores. It was super fun. Then we went to see the Aquarium and Museum the . A the Aquarium we saw lots of animals. I liked the  Sea horses. The Penguins and Seals were also cute. In the Museum  we got to see butterflies, build a pyramid, learn    things about our body and more.  We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. We ate  at a restaurant named Uno too.

Do you have a vacation that you love?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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Just A Rainy Day With Me

LEMONADEDo you want to know what I do on a rainy day? If you answered yes, then this what I do. After I am dressed in comfortable rainy day clothes(Usually yoga pants with a t-shirt) I clean my room and do the rest of my chores. Then I will finish all my homework and studying. When lunch comes I will have to set the table and clear it after. Now comes my favorite part I will take a glass of cold water or lemonade( if it’s summer) and find a good book to read. I’ll go to my room to read until supper. At supper I also have to set the table, and clear it. After supper we watch TV, go on the computer, play a board game, or even watch a movie. That is my typical rainy day. What’s a typical rainy day with you like?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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