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Did You Know This Place Was … Haunted? Edublog Challenge 3


People say that the Queen Elizabeth Hotel is allegedly haunted by a “Women  In White”. Her apparition wanders the halls and staircase. She sometimes roams in guest rooms. Most people have seen her in a white dress. People have heard disembodied voices, bangs and footsteps. It has been reported by guests as well as staff.

I also went on PSICAN  Ghost Reports. They said that they heard weird sounds like these. they said they heard someone pacing/walking close to the bed and around the room. They heard things moving.  They heard sounds in the bathroom and main part of the room.  Almost like the sounds someone would make if they got up and were getting ready for the day. The sounds were loud enough to keep waking someone up eventually I was very aware but not sure that I wanted to stop the phenomenon.

The last place I went on is Viator Things To Do Montreal. they said she likes to make her presence known by knocking uncontrollably, touching and pushing visitors with her cold cold hands.

I went on Wikipedia to get info on the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. It was opened In 1958. It has 1039 rooms and 21 floors. Some thing very interesting about the hotel is that Queen Elizabeth II stayed there four times.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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Cats Or Schnauzers?

I have a dog named Zoey. She is going to be 2 years old on December 26. She is completely black with dark brown and a really cute black nose.

In Germany the Schnauzer used to herd cattle and was the general guard of the house and stable. Schnauzer could also pull a small cart so it was an all-round farm dog. Its coat is usually seen in back, white or gray shades. They are very smart and super cite. They are always ready to have some fun.

I have some jobs that I have to do to take care of my dog. For example I give her food and fresh clean water. I also have to brush her hair so it stays shiny and smooth. I usually brush her hair once a day. I also have to give her a bath 1 week-end on 2. I love to throw her teddy bears around the house and watch her chase after it. One of my favorite things to do is to cuddle up with her on my lap on the couch or on my bed. She is greatest puppy I can have.

*Do you have a pet?schnauzer

* Where is your pet originally from and what was it used for?

* What do you like to do with your pet?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Are These Any Of Your Favorites?

I have many loves like art, books, animals, sports, fashion and cooking. In art I like to draw . I like to draw houses and clothes but am not very good at it. My favorite thing to do  in art is print out pictures and then color them. I usually print out cute pictures of animals. I LOVE to read books. I mostly like to read books about drama or mysteries. My favorite mystery series to read is Nancy Drew. I love the way every book is different and that they keep you in suspense at the end of every chapter. I love doing sports. My favorite sport is soccer because my teammates are really friendly and enjoy playing the sport. I also do skiing, golfing, swimming and I started going to the gym.

On Nima’s blog she said that she loves animals which inspires me to write this post. I love animals too. My #1 favorite animal is a dog. #2 it’sbaby panda tie between a dolphin and a beluga . #3 it’s tie between a panda and a horse. Me and Nima both love dolphins. I love fashion. Sometimes I take some time choose my outfit so it looks good. I also love going shopping and looking for things to wear. I have a binder that when I have nothing to do I draw some clothes. The last things I like is cooking. I mostly like to bake cookies. I like to bake cookies because it easy to bake and you can bring it to school. You can also decorate it for any holiday. I f you want to check out her blog just go to

* What things do you like?

* Why do you like those things?

* Where do you do those things?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Did You Ever See This Blog? | Edublog Challenge 2

I visited  Morgan’s blog. On her blog she talks about different topics. For example she talks about how  horses are her favorite animal but she does not like riding. She also loves to draw. Her favorite thing to draw is houses. She also loves dolphins and the color blue. If you like animals and art(especially drawing) go to to visit her blog.

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Are These One Of Your Bad Habits?

soccer ballOne of my bad habits  that I would like to break is rubbing my eyes. Whenever  I go to bed I always rub my eyes. It is okay during the winter but in the summer I put sunscreen on my face. Then at night I rub my eyes and get sunscreen in my eyes. Then my eyes start to burn and I have to put cold water on it for about 1-3 minutes. So I would really  to break that habit.

Another bad habit I have is remembering stuff. For example remembering to pack all my soccer stuff for my soccer practices. Or remembering to bring my homework home and back to school. My final example is library books. I have trouble remembering my library books. I would also like to break that bad habit.

* Do you have any ideas on how I can break my bad habits?

*Do you have any bad habits that you would like to break?

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Dream On

dream onI read a book called Dream On. The name of this series is Whatever After. The author of this series is Sarah Mlynowski. Dream On is the fourth book. The first book is called Fairest Of All. I chose Dream On because it is my favorite of all five. The book is about this girl named Abby who just moved to Smithville. She is having a sleepover at her house with her friend Robin. When her, Robin and her brother Jonah get swept inside the magic mirror and into the tale of sleeping Beauty. Then Robin pricks her finger instead of Sleeping beauty on the spindle. Now they have to find a way to get back home and wake Robin from the curse.

*Have you ever read the series Whatever After?

*If yes, which one do you like best?

*Do you like fairytales?

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The Fault In Our Stars

book coverThe movie The Fault In Our Stars is based on the novel by John Green.  Even thoughI did not see the movie yet the book is really good.  It is about this girl named Hazel who has cancer in her lungs.  Her mother put her in Support Group. That is when she meets Augustus Waters who had a touch of osteosarcomo (bone cancer.)  They instantly become in love with each other.  Then Augustus takes Hazel on a unforgettable trip to Amsterdam.  In this book you learn that just because they have cancer  they can be extraordinary people.  I think the message in this book is to enjoy everyday of life likes it’s your last day.

* Have you ever watched or read The Fault In Our Stars.

* Do you know or knew someone who has cancer.



The Game Of Two

lifeThe two games I like to play the most is Clue and Life. I like the game Clue because it’s is a fun and pretty easy game to play. The point of the game is to find the murder, which weapon the person used and in which room was the person in when it strike. You have a enveloped  where you where you put the card that has the murder, weapon, and the room. If a person takes a guess and gets it right they win.

In the game Life you have to drive your car around the game board. While you go you will get a job, money, get marry and even have kids. You also get a house. It’s a game where you can through your entire life in less then one day. Along the way you collect Life’s (money). At the end the person with the most money wins.

*What your favorite board game?

*How do you play it

Photo Credit: Goggle

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16 Girls And Some Sleeping Bags

This summer I played soccer. One of the soccer tournaments we played in was at Magog. It was a two day tournament so we had to sleep over there.  My family has a cottage in Magog so we invited all 16 girls in my soccer team over for the night. On the morning our our first soccer game some people came over to eat breakfast or to depose things for the sleepover. At lunch we all had hotdogs or hamburgers then went for our second soccer game.  For supper we had some brochettes. A girl broughtMarshmallow 2so we roasted them. Then we split up for the night. Three girls( including me) slept in the room with two bunk beds. While the rest of the girls slept on air matrasses in the living room. Even though we won 2 place it was pretty fun. Soon after we won a tournament at Brossard.

* Did you ever have a sleepover?
*How many people were there?


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons




Happy_face happy face 2Hey, everyone I am back and this I am in grade six. I have been thinking about all new things to write about and I am dying to write all about them. So I hope you are ready to read, read, read because I am ready to write, write, write.

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